History of Order of the Eastern Star – Farmerville Chapter No. 207

Favorite Recipes from Historic Farmerville – Home of Lake D’Arbonne

Founder and master builder of the Order of the Eastern Star was Dr. Rob Morris, who began his work in 1850. Today the Chapters of the Order encircle the earth with a membership over three million in over thirteen thousand subordinate chapters. The General Grand Chapter has jurisdiction over all the Grand Chapters in the United States (except New York), Canada and Puerto Rico; the Supreme Grand Chapter over the British Isles, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The Order accepts petitions from wives, mothers, widows, sisters and daughters of Master Masons and Masons themselves. Principles founded on truth and brotherly love, emphasizing aid and comfort to those distressed or less fortunate are among its primary purposes.

The first Chapter in Farmerville was organized in 1895 with 23 members and named Evangeline Chapter No. 10 under General Grand Chapter. It became Evangeline Chapter No. 7 in 1900 when Louisiana Grand Chapter was organized. The Chapter remained in existence until 1916.

Miss Reita Hartman, one of the members, held Grand Offices of Electa, 1901; Associate Grand Conductress, 1902; Grand Secretary, 1903; Grand Treasurer, 1904; and Grand Esther, 1909; as well as being a Grand Representative of several States. She was Secretary of Evangeline Chapter for several years and served as Worthy Matron three years.

Other members known to have belonged include first Worthy Matron, Mrs. Sue S. Thomas and Florence and Lee E. Thomas, first Worthy Patron who later remitted to another Chapter and in 1907 was Worthy Grand Patron of Louisiana Grand Chapter; Donnie L. and Oscar Baughman, Nannie and J. D. Baughman, Hattie and Ed. Everett, Luane and J. D. Everette, Sophie H. and David Cromwell, Amelia, Bertha, Eva, Edmund, Moses and Rudolph Haas, Regina and Gus Hartman, Carrie and Isaac Shuster, Fannie and Organ Tatum, Mary C. and M. W. Wilson; Mesdames Ida Alcus, Nell Barnes, Ellen Levi, Harriett Webb and Celia Arent Taylor; Misses Rosa and Minnie Arent, Maude Selig, Sadie Carey; Messrs. Abe and Jacob Stein, Dr. W. L. Dillard and Horace Ludwig. (Mrs. Donnie L Baughman and Horace Ludwig were Charter members of Farmerville No. 207.)

Farmerville Chapter No. 207 was organized on February 22, 1946 with Mrs. Iska N. Waller and Marion O. Love serving as Worthy Matron and Patron. Thirty-eight Charter members received the degrees.

Over the years members have been generous in their efforts to beautify the Chapter room. The five Star Point stands were constructed by Mr. Harvey Roan, who also made gavels for incoming Matrons; Alter benches by Horace Ludwig (deceased) and Vernon McCarley (recent ones by Raymond Meeks); and many useful articles contributed by outgoing Matrons, patrons, and other members.

Offices and honors bestowed on members outside the local Chapter and within the Grand Chapter of Louisiana include the following:

District Deputy Grand Matrons — Josephine H. Lee, 1949; Clara Lee T. Greene, 1953; Sadie P. Farrar, 1960; and 1962; Helen Jean W. Rainwater, 1964; and Loduskee B. Ham, 1966.

Grand Representatives to other States have bee Josephine H. Lee, Sadie P. Farrar and Helen Jean W. Rainwater.

Grand Officers of Louisiana Grand Chapter – Sadie P. Farrar, Grand Warder, 1962; elected Associate Grand Conductress, 1965; present Grand Conductress, 1966; and to be Worthy Grand Matron, 1968.

Past Matrons and patrons of the local Chapter number thirty-four over the twenty years (with only two deceased), and the membership presently in ninety-two.

M. L. J.

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    • Unfortunately, it is no longer being sold. It is a wonderful book and cherished by the people who have one. You can only find them in garage sells, flea markets and estate sells. If I ever find one I we’ll post it on here.


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