The Cafeteria Worker’s Prayer

Submitted by:

Mary Kathryn Nutt, Retired Manager

Service: 1972 – 1987

The Cafeteria Worker’s Prayer

We burned the rolls today O’Lord;

The produce came in late;

The freezer’s on the blink – again,

I think it must be fate.

There is no air conditioning

to cool the kitchen heat;

and standing on these concrete floors,

Is murder to my feet.


The pay is not the best O’God,

The hours get long and drear,

and when the last lunch bell has rung

It’s music to my ear.

But I would not exchange my place for silver or for gold,

For here I have the golden chance,

A young child’s life to mold.


So Lord when serving lines get long and patience gets quite thin;

Then help me to smile and show Thy love, perhaps some child to win.

And when my days of service here are through and my eyes grow dim,

Let it be said, “She served God’s children, and in this served “Him”.

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