Mama Sue’s Southern Kitchen

Another wonderful recipe for summer days is this Strawberry Pecan Congealed Salad. It has only a few ingredients and it’s wonderful to eat for a snack. If you would like a variation of this just change to Lime Jello. I know you would like both. I must tell you that I get my pecans from Whaley’s Pecans in Troy, Alabama. I love that you can order whole pecans, medium chopped, small chopped, or crushed. You are able to reseal the bags when you get the pecans you need for a recipe. I keep mine in the freezer and always have the size I need. They ship quickly and their prices are wonderful. I encourage you to go to their website which is and order so you will have pecans for your recipes. In fact, this recipe was on the back of the medium pieces bag. I hope you try this recipe and let me know what you think. Thanks for following! And remember to be salt and light! – Sue


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