2 thoughts on “Mama Sue makes Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies

  1. Why have you removed your recipes from every website? All the good cooks post their recipes with the video. Rediculous. I will not be visiting your links any longer. Many other cooks such as collard valley cooks, amy from louisiana, coffee time with john all post recipes. Sad that you posted them then intentionally removed all recipes. I’ll be watching other cooks going forward. My mother bought your cookbook but I will never purchase any of your products. Sad that some online cooks are only there for profit. Remember who gave you the subscriber volume, like votes etc. I’m changing every like to dislike going forward. You really had me at first due to the warm personality, sad when greed takes over motive.


    • I would love to have all of them on my website. The problem is Facebook is taking all of them from YouTube. Facebook will not allow the videos to be on WordPress. The people on WordPress are hurting also. Very Hurt!!! If you want to go for someone, go to Facebook. People like me are hurting while Facebook is getting all of it. On the other side, my mother passed away. I am sorry it was a problem of your recipes.


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