Lovie Fomby
Family Treasures


Mama would take a round steak or any kind you could cut into serving size pieces, beat it with a saucer, salt and pepper, then flour real good, put in a big black iron skillet with oil in it, brown real brown, drain off, cover with boiling water, cover tightly and let steam for maybe a couple hours or until real tender. Yes, you have to stir it from bottom of skillet now and then and sometimes you may need to add a little more boiling water. Taste to see if you need more seasoning. Best gravy you ever tasted. You can also do chicken this same way.


Take slices of fresh ham or any kind of fresh pork slices, salt and pepper, put in skillet. Add a very small amount of water. Cover tightly, let steam until tender and dried down to bottom of skillet. If meat has any fat on it, just let it fry down in that, if not, add a little oil or shortening of some kind. Keep turning until brown, take up meat, you have a lot of brown particles stuck to skillet. Pour the grease into a bowl. Add a little water to hot skillet, stir until all brown turns loose, pour into bowl with the ham grease; that’s red eye gravy. She also cooked fresh spareribs this way.

At Christmas time papa always had a fresh ham, it was put in big container almost covered in water, a lot of salt and boiled until real tender all way through. Take out, let cool, and slice. A real treat.


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