Lovie Fomby
Family Treasures


Take 2 full cups of a little more sugar, put in sauce pan. Mama always used pure cream, put a cup of the cream, (she skimmed her cream from a crock of fresh milk) but you can buy a carton of whipping cream, put this on and let cook to a boil. Let this boil2 or 3 minutes hard, have 2 egg whites beaten stiff, pour a little in a stream over egg whites beating constantly. Put syrup back on store, cook another minute, add that to the egg white mixture, put in a drop of vanilla flavoring. Take your cake layers up, punch a few holes in them, put this icing on these while cake is hot, cover with coconut, add the second and third layer the same. She always had the coconut you grated yourself.


Cook apples as for apple sauce, season only with sugar. Take a raw pie crust, fill that crust about half full of the cooked apples , have just regular egg custard mixture made, cover the apples to finish filling crust with the egg custard. Mama never used spices, just vanilla and lemon extract, will brown nicely, done when egg custard is thick.


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