Lovie Fomby
Family Treasures


Fresh Turnip Greens and other vegetables such as string beans, peas, and butter beans. Mama picked the greens, she always took out the big stems, washed real good put in pot with water about half way covering greens, they cook down, add a big piece of slat pork to season, just let cook a full 2 hours. Mama never salted her vegetables until about 30 minutes before they were done. She had liquor. After dinner, cornbread was crumbled in a bowl and the pot liquor was put over it to have for supper, a favorite of Papa’s with a little pepper sauce. The other vegetables Mama always cooked full 2 hours. If greens were a little old she added a little sugar along with salt, also put just a very small amount of sugar in string beans, peas, and butter beans.


Take your corn, shuck, silk, get it clean, cover with water. Mama would have a very sharp knife, she would take an ear at a time out of water, she clipped the very ends off the kernels, then she scraped the rest of it which made it real creamy. She put in an iron skillet or other pan, salted, she never put pepper in corn. She liked to season her corn with grease where she had fried chicken or bacon. You have to stir corn frequently as it thickens, add a little water, she always cooked it in oven for at least as hour. Will brown a little esecially around edges.


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