Let’s Make the Punch Bowl

Looking at Cooking with Mildred Swift

If you need a punch bowl and just don’t have one, don’t worry. Take a roll of aluminum foil 7 inches wide and the largest mixing bowl you can find.

Measure circumference of bowl. Cut 3 of aluminum foil, two red and one gold, 2 inches longer than circumference of bowl. Fold each length in half lengthwise, color side out. To make petal fringe; place the 3 lengths of foil together with gold foil in center. Starting at folded edge of foil snip foil. Circle top of bowl with petal fringe and attach with cellophane tape Cover base of bowl by molding gold foil around it. Cover a 10-inch or 12 inch plane with red foil and place punch bowl on it. Decorate with red ribbon, if desired.

Or you can create a fairy pot, the kind found at the end of the rainbow, by molding aluminum foil around a Dutch oven or a large mixing bowl — 3 balls of crushed foil make the feet and a length of crushed foil makes the handle. For a bridal touch, twine some ribbon around the handle with a few roses tucked in here and there.


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