Mildred Swift and her Assistant Mammie Shelbon

Dear Friends:

This collection of recipes is made up of some old, some new, some of mine, some of yours, come from economists in test kitchens throughout the United States. Many were sent to me by viewers. For this, I am grateful because I know you feel that I am a friend.

This book is for all: the busy homemaker who must make all short cuts; for those with small or large families; for those who live alone; for those whose hobby is foods and who never find a recipe too long or complicated; for the men who like to whip up a dish over the range or the grill; for the young ones who rush in and cook up a candy or a hot drink; for those who just love to read a cook book; for those who entertain often … I’ve tried to remember all of you.

On each subject, I could have written a book. When one reaches my age and has made as many contacts through those years, a lot has been accumulated. Eleven years teaching in Louisiana schools, twenty-two years with the Department of Agriculture, eighteen year with KNOE doing radio and TV work have given me contacts with many thousands. And …. all of you have contributed to this book. That’s why I can say with pride: It is a good book and one you’ll want to hand down for generations to come.

I wish there had been space for more on food values, more on diets, more on mixes. Some day, I’ll compile another book and use my 600 or more household hints.

The recipes have been tested, but remember, sizes of containers, size of eggs, measurement – all affect some recipe. Brand names have been given only when senders specified they must be used.

The names of many of those who sent recipes have been lost. This I do regret. I love to give credit where credit where credit is due.

Will you let me know if you enjoy using this book?



P. S. I gave you the garden jobs as lagniappe because you’ve asked for them.


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