Meat Balls

Nina Henson, Linville High 1 lb ground meat1 can condensed mushroom soupSalt and pepper to tasteMayonnaise Mix ground beef, salt and pepper; roll into balls. Roll meat balls in mayonnaise and brown. Pour soup over meat balls and simmer about 40 minutes. Eat over rice or cream potatoes.

Meatball Chili

Lennie Smith, Lillie School 1 envelope chili seasoning mix1 (1 lb) can tomatoes1/2 cup water1 (1 lb) can meatballs and gravy1/2 lb egg noodles, cooked as directed3 Tbsp butter Combine all but noodles and butter; simmer for 10 minutes. Drain noodles; add butter. Stir gently over low heat to melt butter and cook noodles. Serve … Continue reading Meatball Chili

Meatballs and Baked Beans

Lennie Smith, Lille School 1 (21 oz) can baked beans, drained1 (1 lb) can meatballs and gravy1 Tbsp instant minced onions1 Tbsp Worcestershire® sauce1 cup barbecue sauce Combine all ingredients in a baking dish or bean pot. Bake uncovered 30 to 40 minutes at 350°F. Serves 2 to 3.

Cabbage-Patch Stew

Betty Bryant, Downsville 1 small cabbage1 small onion, chopped1 can chili with beans1 can tomatoes1 lb hamburger meat1 Tbsp salt1/2 tsp pepper Brown meat and onions. Drain; add chopped cabbage, chili beans, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook until tender.

Cowboy Stew

Ann Dodd, FHS 1 Tbsp oleo1 lb ground beef1 onion, chopped1/4 cup chopped celery1/4 cup chopped green pepper1/2 clove garlic1 Tbsp chili powder1/4 tsp sugar1 (No. 303) can tomatoes1 (16 oz) can yellow whole kernel corn6 small potatoes, peeled and cut 3 cup water1 (32 oz) can Ranch Style® beansSalt and pepper to taste Melt … Continue reading Cowboy Stew

No Peep Stew

Dorothy Byrnside, FMS 2 lb good lean beef1 cup Irish potatoes1 cup carrots2 Tbsp tapiocaSalt and pepper1 cup celery1 cup onions2 cans Snap-E-Tom® tomato cocktailSeason-All® Cube and mix together meat and vegetables. Season to taste with salt, pepper, Season-All® and any other desired seasonings. Place in a Dutch oven. Dissolve tapioca in the tomato juice … Continue reading No Peep Stew

More Casserole

Velma Bean, Marion High 1 lb ground beef1 small onion1/4 cup chopped bell pepper1/4 cup chopped celery1 can cream of mushroom soup2 cans water1 lb macaroni Brown beef, onions, bell pepper and celery together until meat is no longer pink. Add Salt and pepper to taste; drain off grease. Add soup and water to this … Continue reading More Casserole