Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Bettye S. AugerFarmerville First Baptist Church Sesquicentennial Cookbook 1847-1997 Salt and pepper to taste1 (4 to 5 lb) chicken1 large onion, diced1 large bell pepper4 cup chicken broth1 tsp garlic powder2 (3 to 4 oz) jar green chilies, chopped1 can cream of mushroom soup1 can cream of celery soup1 1/2 dozen flour tortillas1 lb Cheddar … Continue reading Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Holiday Yam Roll

Bettye S. AugerFarmerville First Baptist Church Sesquicentennial Cookbook 1847-1997 1 1/4 cups, yams, cooked and mashed3 eggs*3/4 cup sugar1 tsp lemon juice3/4 cup flour1 tsp baking powder1/2 tsp salt4 tsp ground cinnamon1/2 tsp nutmeg1 tsp ginger*1/2 cup pecans, chopped Beat eggs at high speed for 5 minutes. Gradually add sugar. Stir in yams and lemon … Continue reading Holiday Yam Roll

Popcorn Balls

Bettye S. Auger 2 1/2 quart popped corn1 cup sugar1/2 cup water1/4 cup light corn syrup1/2 tsp salt1 tsp vinegar1/2 tsp vanilla extract Pour popped corn into large buttered bowl. Combine sugar, corn syrup, slat and water and vinegar in 1 1/2 quart saucepan. Cover, bring to a boil, boil briskly for 3 minutes. Uncover … Continue reading Popcorn Balls

Peanut Brittle

Bettye S. Auger 2 cups sugar1/4 cup water3/4 cup white Karo syrup2 Tbsp butter1 tsp salt2 cups raw peanuts2 tsp soda Put all ingredients in saucepan and cook on high heat to hard crack stage. Add soda, stirring well and pour onto waxed paper or greased platter. Break into pieces when cool.

Sweet Potato Pie

Bettye S. Auger 1 small sweet potato, cooked and mashed while hot1 1/2 cup sugar3 whole eggs, beaten together1 stick oleo1/2 tall an evaporated milk, chilled and beatenFew grains of saltDash cinnamonDash allspiceDash nutmeg1 pastry shell Cook and mash sweet potato while hot. Add sugar, stir. Add beaten eggs, melted oleo, salt, spices and fold … Continue reading Sweet Potato Pie