Allergy Caused by Food

In animals, as in humans, food allergies are becoming common. To correct the condition, it is necessary to identify the food that is the problem and then eliminate it from the diet. In an attempt to make the identification, you will have to feed foods one at a time until you determine the offending one. … Continue reading Allergy Caused by Food

Liver Disease

Hepatic conditions will affect every tissue in the body, and particular attention must be paid to the dog's diet. Recipes should contain: Protein in minimal amounts Tat in small amoutns Carbohydrates in high amounts Extra amounts of B complex along with vitamins A, D, E, and K. A Liver Disease Diet Mix: 4 oz lean … Continue reading Liver Disease


In dogs, stress is usually caused by abnormal physical conditions such as accidents or surgery. Long trips or changes in environment can also create stress. Affected animals should receive 10% to 20% more food than they would be given normally. The meal should be a healthy one, supplemented with tender loving care from you, for … Continue reading Stress


This complicated disease requires a ration of more protein and less fat than normal. Your veterinarian may prescribe pancreatic enzyme powder as a supplement to your recipes. Animals suffering from this disease should be fed two to four times per day in moderate amounts. Skim-milk powder along with vitamin-mineral supplements are added to most recipes … Continue reading Diabetes