Witch Hat Cookies

Latnie B. Kesee, FMS 2 cup sifted flour1/3 cup instant nonfat dry milk1 tsp baking powder1/2 cup shortening1 cup sugar1 egg 1 tsp vanilla2 square unsweetened chocolateConfectioners sugar frosting Sift flour, milk, baking powder and salt together. Cream the shortening in a bowl and add sugar gradually beating until light and fluffy. Beat in egg … Continue reading Witch Hat Cookies

Cuero Cake

Latnie B. Kesee, FMS Cake: 1 cup butter2 1/2 cup sugar5 eggs, separated2 squares chocolate, meltedGrated rind of 1 orange1/2 cup orange juice1 tsp vanilla1 tsp soda1 cup buttermilk3 cup sifted cake four Cream butter in a bowl; add sugar gradually. Add beaten egg yolks and mix well. Add Chocolate, grated rind, orange juice and … Continue reading Cuero Cake

Fruit Cake

Latnie B. Kesee, FMS 1 lb butter, creamed1 dozen eggs1 cup dark molasses2/3 cup flour1 tsp soda1 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp cloves1/2 cup brandy1 gallon pecans1 qt other nuts2 large package dates1 large box mincemeat1 lb candied pineapple1 lb candied cherries Mix in order given. Bake 30 minutes at 250° then 275° till done.

Pepper Sauce

Latnie B. Kesee, FMS Fresh pepper1 tsp salt to each jar1 Tbsp cooking oilHot vinegar Put 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon cooking oil and pour hot vinegar over your peppers and seal. Pepper will stay crunchy all the time.