Chili Sauce

Mable Price Robison Family Treasures 4 quarts ripe tomatoes, chopped and peeled1 cup sweet green pepper's chopped3 Tbsp salt1 Tbsp white mustard seed1 tsp allspice2 cup onions, chopped1 cup sweet red peppers, chopped1 small hot red pepper1/2 cup sugar1 tsp cinnamon2 1/2 cup vinegar Combine vegetables, salt and sugar. Cook until mixture thickens, then add … Continue reading Chili Sauce


Calypso Pie

Mable Price RobisonFamily Treasures Crust Pie: 2 cup Chocolate Oreo Cookies®, crushed1 cup melted butter or margarine Blend cookies and butter; spread evenly in 10 inch pie pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Cool. Filling: 1 quart vanilla ice cream1/4 cup butter2/3 cup sugar1 tsp vanilla1/2 pint heavy cream, whipped1 1/2 squares unsweetened … Continue reading Calypso Pie

Pecan Pie

Mable Price Robison Family Treasures 1 pint white Karo®2 Tbsp oleo1 1/2 cup sugar6 eggs2 Tbsp vanilla2 cup chopped pecans Combine all ingredients and pour into two 9 inch unbaked pie shells. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Marinated Kraut

Mable Price Robison Family Treasures 2 cans Sauer Kraut1 cup chopped bell peppers1 large can of pimento2/3 cup vinegar1/3 cup water1 cup chopped onion1 cup chopped celery1 large can of water chestnuts1/3 cup oil1 1/2 cup sugar Bring vinegar, water, oil, and sugar to a boil. Pour over kraut mixture. Chill. Keep in refrigerator indefinitely.