Peggy Ginn, F.H.S. 2 packages strawberry Kool-Aid®1 large can pineapple juice1 large pink lemonade Make Kook-Aid® as directed on package. Add pineapple juice and pink lemonade to Kool-Aid®. Put in freezer to get it slush mixture. Makes 1 1/2 gallons.


Peggy Ginn, F.H.S. 1 1/2 cup Crisco®3/4 cup cocoa3 1/2 cup sugar6 eggs2 cup flour1 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt2 cups chopped nuts2 tsp vanilla Melt Crisco® and add cocoa together. Add sugar and eggs to melted chocolate mixture. Beat in dry ingredients. Stir in nuts and vanilla. Pour batter into a 12x16 1/2 inch … Continue reading Brownies

No Bake Fruit Cake

Peggy Ginn, F.H.S. 2/3 cup evaporated milk2 cup miniature marshmallows6 Tbsp undiluted frozen orange juice concentrate3/4 cup cut up dates3/4 cup raisins1 cup walnuts or pecans, chopped1 cup mixed, candied fruit1/4 cup candied cherries4 cups fine graham cracker crumbs1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp nutmeg1/2 tsp cloves Put milk, marshmallows, and juice in saucepan and stir over … Continue reading No Bake Fruit Cake

Double Crust For 8 Inch Pie

Peggy Ginn, F.H.S. 2/3 cup Crisco2 cup flour1 tsp salt1/4 cup water Mix flour and salt in a bowl. Cut Crisco® into flour with a pastry blender, until the pieces are like the size of peas. Roll out and make two crusts. Bake in hot oven (425°) for 12 to 15 minutes.