Golden Fried Peach Pie

Robbie Charles, SHS 1 1/2 cup self-rising flour4 Tbsp shortening4 to 5 Tbsp water1 can peaches1/2 Tbsp cinnamon1 Tbsp melted butter Sift the flour into a bowl and cut in shortening. Add enough water gradually to hold pastry together and press into a ball, divide into 5 parts and roll each part on a floured … Continue reading Golden Fried Peach Pie

Custard Pie

Robbie Charles, SHS 4 eggs1/2 cup sugar2 1/2 fluid milk1 tsp vanillaNutmeg (if you lake)Unbaked 9 inch single pie crust Beat eggs in large bowl. Add sugar, salt, milk and vanilla. Beat well. Bake at 425° in hot oven about 30 minutes.

Dump Cake

Robbie Charles, SHS 1 can pineapple tidbits, drained1 can cherry pie filling1/2 cup Quick® oats1/4 lb margarine1/2 cup chopped pecans1 small box white cake mix Spread pineapple on bottom of small ungreased cake pan or Pyrex dish. Spread pie filling on top of pineapple. Sprinkle dry cake mix on top of cake. Mix the oats … Continue reading Dump Cake

Speedy Bake Beans

Robbie Charles, SHS 2 (1 lb) cans pork and beans1 onion, chopped2 Tbsp bell pepper, chopped1/3 cup molasses1 Tbsp Worcestershire® sauce2 tsp mustard1/2 tsp garlic salt1/2 bottle catsup4 strips crisp bacon Combine all ingredients except bacon. Mix well; pour into casserole dish. Top with bacon strips. Bake uncovered for 45 minutes at 375°.

Fruit Salad

Robbie Charles, SHS 1 can (2 c.) fruit cocktail and juice1 (11 oz) can mandarin oranges and juice1 (13 1/4 oz) can pineapple tidbits, drained1 (3 oz) package instant lemon pudding2 Tbsp lemon juice Mix and chill. Bananas may be added just before serving, if desired.