Hawaiian Cake

Rosa Turner, MHS Cake: 1 box white cake mix1 (3 oz) package orange pineapple Jello1 cup oil4 eggs1 cup crushed pineapple3 mashed bananas1 cup chopped nuts1 cup coconut1/2 cup milk Combine in large mixing bowl; stir with spoon, not mixer, until dry ingredients are well moistened. Bake in 3 well greased pans at 350° for … Continue reading Hawaiian Cake

Dr. Bird Cake

Rosa Turner, MHS 3 cups flour2 cup sugar1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp salt1 tsp soda3 eggs, beaten2 mashed bananas1 tsp vanilla1 cup chopped pecans1 (7 oz) package cocnut1 1/4 cup oil1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple Sift dry ingredients into mixing bowl. Add everything else and stir by hand until well mixed. Do not beat, pour … Continue reading Dr. Bird Cake