Tea Cakes

Jeanette Price VaughanFamily Treasures 2 sticks margarine3/4 cup Wesson® oil1 tsp vanilla1 tsp soda1 tsp salt1 3/4 cup sugar2 large eggs4 cup plain flour1 tsp cream of tartar Cream margarine and sugar. Add eggs and oil. Add vanilla and mix well. Mix the dry ingredients together and add to the creamed mixture. I sometimes add … Continue reading Tea Cakes


Popcorn Cake

Lovie Price FombyFamily Treasures 4 quarts popped corn1 small jar peanuts or toasted pecans1 stick margarine1 large bag M&M® candies1 bag (6 cups) miniature marshmallows1/2 cup Wesson® oil Mix together popped corn, candies, and nuts. Mix other ingredients together and stir over low heat until melted. Pour over corn mixture and mix quickly together. Spray … Continue reading Popcorn Cake

Onion Dressing

Lovie Price FombyFamily Treasures 1 cup light mayonnaise or salad dressing1/4 cup Wesson® oil1 Tbsp dry parsley flakesdash garlic salt1 medium onion, cut in chunks (Vidalia or other sweet onion)1 Tbsp mustard1/2 cup white vinegar3-4 package Sweet and Low® (or sugar to taste)dash black pepper Put all in blender and blend until onion is pureed. … Continue reading Onion Dressing