Union Parish is home to more than a few interesting characters, a very rich history, a beautiful lake and a whole lot of good cooks.  This site is for all those cooks.  We will be posting their recipes and hopefully some from their grandmothers.  A picture of the dish is welcome as well as one of the person you got it from.  Feel free to tell us a memory of Grandma making this for you.

You can use the Contact Page or send a message to ShilohToCanaan@gmail.com.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Some of the recipes you will find on here are very old and will be the originals.  Some quantities or sizes may no longer be available. In that case you will have to adjust and substitute.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi my name is Dottie Blackstock . I live in West Monroe and at one time I owned a copy of the cook book. Loaned it out and never got it back . How would I be able to find another a copy for my self? I love the recipes in the book
    Thank You Dottie


  2. You have a few ways to good. There is a flea market in West Monroe who most times has one. I am sorry that I do not know his name. You can also print a recipe on here.

    I hope you find your book and Thank You for visiting my blog.



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