Herbs and Spices

The difference between spices and herbs is that SPICES are the roots, bark, stems, berries, seeds or buds of aromatic plants generally found in the tropics; whereas, HERBS are the leaves or plants grown mostly in the temperate zone.

A combination of herbs and spices makes a bouquet garnish. Usually 3 or more are used and these are wrapped in cheesecloth and tied. Used to flavor soups and stews. A good basic combination is Parsley, Bay Leaf and Thyme.

When fresh herbs are not available, use dried. 1 tsp dried for 1 tsp fresh

ALLSPICE – a dried berry of pimiento tree of West Indies. Used as a condiment. Name is due to flavor which resembles combination of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

ANISE – Fruit of a small annual plant which dies into the form of a seed. (Best is grown in Spain, Mexico and India.) Used on breads, cakes and cookies, and as flavoring for medicine and licorice products.

BALM – Perennial garden Herb with sharp Lemon scent. Use fresh or dried in soups and salads.

BASIL – Annual plant cultivated in West Europe. Leaves are dried, ground and powdered. Used to flavor soups, stews, sauces and sausages. Flavor goes well with Tomatoes.

BAY LEAF – Aromatic leaf of the sweet-bay or laurel tree. Dried whole and used to flavor soups, meats and pickles.

CAPERS – Flower buds of Capparis spinosa grown in the Mediterranean countries. Pickled and used as a condiment.

CARAWAY – Biennial Herb with aromatic fruit usually known as caraway seeds. Used in breads, cookies, cakes, candies, salads and cheese. Whole or ground.

CAYENNE PEPPERS – Powdered pot and seeds of various capsicums yielding a hot, savory flavor used in meat dishes and gravies, and sometimes called red pepper. Grown mainly in Africa.

CELERY SEED – Seed of small plant similar in appearance and taste to Celery. Used whole or ground to flavor soups, stew, cheese, pickles and some salad. Grown in South France, India and U.S.A.

CELERY SALT – Mixture of ground celery seed and fine white salt. Used in meats, salads and many dishes.

CHERVIL – An apiaceous plant with aromatic leaves used to flavor soups and salads.

CHILI – Hot pepper. Used as base for chili sauce and other spicy dishes.

CHILI POWDER – Mixture of ground red peppers, cumin seed and other spices. Used to flavor omelets, sea food cocktails, etc.

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