Mama’s Cooking

All of us that grew up on Mama’s cooking remember it as something special — just the best food we ever tasted. No wonder we all love food.

Reba cooks more like Mama than any of us and she took the time to write down for us a few things as Mama cooked them. I can’t ever remember Mama using a written recipe. She just cooked the old fashioned way and it was always good. I can remember coming home from school and Mama would have a hot jelly cake made. She just took the hot cake layers and spread jelly between layers an on top. I thought it was the best thing I ever tasted.. She also made a molasses cake baked in layers and stacked. I guess today we’d call that gingerbread, but Mama’s wasn’t spice.

Thank you, Reba, for writing these down for us.



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