Fruit Ice Block for Punch Bowl

Mrs. G. W. Pomeroy
Looking at Cooking with Mildred Swift

A fruited block of ice floating in your punch bowl is a thing of beauty. And — what a conversation piece! These instructions were given me by Adrian Gaston:

Select a container in keeping with the size of your bowl, remembering there must be room left for dipping punch. A coffee can is a nice size.

First put 2 inches of water in the can freeze. Select fruits in season and use whole fruits and the smallest you can find. Put wooden skewers though fruits to hold them down to the layer of ice. A few mint leaves add color. Pack fruit in tight, then cover with more water and freeze. When you are ready to remove the ring from the container, hold it in a pan of hot water for just a minute. Turn upright and drape grapes over the end of the skewers when you put the ice block in your punch bowl. (Boiled water makes a clearer ice block.)

Adrian pack her fruits according to color and it is very artistic. Use lemons, oranges, kumquats, or any other fruit desired.


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